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Why we chose farming lifestyles

Updated: 3 days ago

Our decision to embrace this lifestyle change came as a surprise to many. It was met with confusion from others, and to be honest, we were not entirely sure about it ourselves.

Family walking in a pasture with a heard of goats following closely behind them
Family walking with goat herd

We had found security. We had a large beautiful home in a small community. Kids had only a 2 minute walk to school, large open park across the street that buzzed with life. My husband's stone masonry business was sustainable and doing well and I just had a promotion within the government.

Mortgage was low, bills were easily paid and no debt. Had we made it in our 30s? Was this it?

Maybe we are just people who need chaos. I know I have always been a person who doesn't like comfort. I like to always be challenged. Sometimes I look back at myself and want to slap me and say no! Stay comfortable. But most times I am proud of myself and all my accomplishments in my life as a near the 40 mark.

Farming was never something I had dreamed for myself. But in hindsight it makes sense. I always enjoyed being outdoors. I always wanted to work for myself. I have always been spiritual and I have always loved animals. I was the child that would bring home every animal because it was always lost and needed care. The only issue is I cannot grow anything. In my younger years (an let's be honest probably today as well) I would kill cacti. My grandpa had to revive every plant I tried to grow. He had a green thumb like you would not believe. He tried to teach me and I really wanted to learn. I love plants, I really do. I just do not have the patience for them. He could stay outside and weed and water them for hours. I cannot. I even hate putting gas in the car. Thankfully, my husband can.

My husband, Cody, he was the one that came up with the idea of the farm. I can do the business and animals, and he can do the building, heavy stuff and grow all things. We could work at home, together and for ourselves. We could feed our families and also other families. It always bothered us, that we were living comfortably but still could not afford to eat as healthy as we wanted because the price of healthy, locally grown food was so expensive.

So not only was working from home and together for ourselves was a driver, so was growing great, happy, healthy food for others and keeping it as affordable as we could.

Well, we sold our home, and went back into debt. We bought our farm. Big dreams move quick with me. First week here and I found a herd of goats that needed a home, and of course, like in my youth, I needed to be the one to save them. On the way here the buck was excited to be reunited with the girls and got a few pregnant. We quickly learned how to birth goats, how to milk goats and what to do with all the milk.

Then we got meat chickens, and turkeys. Added laying hens, pigs and finally cows.

Fast forward 2 years and Cody is still very busy with his stone masonry business, I still work full time with the government, together we have 4 kids and up to 400 animals currently on the farm - not to mention the trees and garden.

Life did not slow down, we do not work at the farm solely, and farming is not cheap.

So the question is, Why... why did we do it?

One- For our children. We wanted them to learn how to grow food, take care of animals, learn responsibility and provide life skills. Things that we see are lacking these days in our youth.

Two - Because we needed something to feed our soul. The animals are my happy place. They feed my soul. Cody's is our large garden and the start of his dream orchard. That feeds his soul.

Three- Give back and help our communities. We are in the local markets were we ARE offering our amazing quality products at price points as low as we can. Markets that tell us to raise our prices, we do not attend.

Soon we will have our very own farm storefront open, where we can allow our customers to share in our peace and hard work. Find happiness in playing with our animals and peace in the ability to eat food wholesome food without breaking the bank.

I look forward to our future. What we have been able to accomplish in 2 years is just the beginning. Noting we do not intend to become commercial. That is not a goal. The goal to be sustainable for us and our community.

Thank you for all your support. We appreciate our customers every day.


CC's Family Farm


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